Winter Sim Racing Cup

Ladies & Gentlemen, OBS Motorsport and Test Drive Vilnius communities are organizing and international simulator racing cup this winter season, and you are invited to be participate in the adventure. The whole tournament is curated for selected individuals who are invited to spend some of their precious personal time together in our international community, currently encompassing Lithuania, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Norway, Georgia and Australia. All relevant information below.

Spirit of the tournament

The ultimate goal of the tournament is to identify community members willing (and able) to participate in their first real 24 hour racing experience. The next event is planned in the Ascari Circuit in Spain in October 2022. The event is solely for stock vehicles up to 200HP and production years before 1994. The only modifications are allowed are safety related (e.g. roll cage). We have plans to put together a team and potentially participate with a Porsche 944 prepped for the track. From 4 to 8 pilots may be piloting each vehicle, with a total team including mechanics and managers not being larger than 15 people.

Tournament Format and Key Regulations

Given the spirit of the tournament, the race format shall allow participants to virtually experience 'mini-endurance' races:

The tournament is for Teams consisting of 2 to 4 pilots

Teams shall be arranged by the organizers to include a few more experienced sim drivers and 1 to 2 less experienced sim drivers

The objective is to learn to work as a team together

At least 2 pilots must participate in each race

A single pilot may not drive the car for longer than 70 minutes during a race

A single pilot may not drive the car for less than 25 minutes during a race

Total race length: 2 hours

Points awarded based on F1 point system (first 10 classified teams, +1 point for fastest lap)

5 minute qualifying (single pilot per team), 3-2-1 points awarded for Top3 + Reverse Qualifying Grid Start in each race

All race events start at 10.00 CET time (11.00 LT time) on Sundays

5 races in total between 12 December 2021 and 06 March 2022

Sim platform: iRacing

Car: Porsche 911 GT3 R

Participation allowed from OBS Bases in Lithuania, Germany, as well as with simulators from home or other sim centers, subject to a few additional rules, like having a webcam + mic connected for communication

Live broadcasts and race highlight planned to be available based on number of participating teams